Custom Modpacks

Amount of mods




Custom Quests      £8

Custom Crafting     £15

Custom Map           £15-£30
1-10                       £3

11-25                     £5

26-40                     £7

41-50                     £10

51-60                     £12

61-75                     £18

76-100                   £20

101-150                 £28

151-200                 £36

201+                       £40


Spend £10+ and get Custom Quests completely FREE!

Spend £25+ and get 5% Off

February Bundle!

Get All 3 Extras and the Pack Addon for just £35


Get 201+ mods, Custom quests, a custom map, custom crafting recipes and the pack Addon all for just £62

(The offers do not apply to these bundles)

Pack Addon

Get this addon for just £20 and you will recieve free updates to you pack whenever you want. This could include adding more quests, adding or removing mods or even updating it to a newer version. Once you have purchased this you can message us whenever you want to ask for an update!

How to get your custom modpack

If you would like to get a custom modpack made then just follow theses few simple steps. First go over to the contact tab and start filling out the form. In your message please state the following:

Roughly how many mods do you want?
Do you want any extras?
What theme do you want the modpack to be based around?
Do you want the modpack to be hard, easy ect.?
Is there any mods that you'd really like to be in the modpack?
What version do you want the modpack in?

Once you have done that then press submit and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible!